Navy SEALs

ST-6 (to be known later as DEVGRU) was founded in 1980 under the command of Lieutenant-Commander Richard Marcincko. ST-6 was placed on permanent alert to respond to terrorist attacks against American targets worldwide.


GSG-9 (Grenzschutzgruppe 9)

GSG-9 was born out of the tragic events that led to the death of several Israeli athletes during the 1972 Olympic games in Munich, Germany.


British SAS (Special Air Service)

The world-renowned British SAS was founded in the Second World War by a man named David Stirling.

Their role during WW2 involved gathering intelligence behind enemy lines and executing sabotage strikes and assassinations on key targets.


GIGN (Groupe d'intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale)

France’s elite Counter-Terrorist unit, the GIGN, was designed to be a fast response force that could decisively react to any large-scale terrorist incident.

Consisting of no more than 100 men, the GIGN has earned its reputation through a history of successful ops.


Spetsnaz (специа́льного назначе́ния)

The primary missions of the Russian Spetsnaz are: acquiring intelligence on major economic and military installations and either destroying them or putting them out of action, organizing sabotage and acts of subversion; carrying out punitive operations against rebels; forming and training insurgent detachments, etc.


707th Special Mission Battalion

The 707 Special Mission Battalion, first formed with 120 South Korean soldiers in 1982 has been enhancing its reputation internationally. Forces including Germany’s GSG 9 and USA’s Delta force train with 707 troops.

Only elite soldiers highly skilled in shooting, air borne, rappelling or martial arts can join the “White Tigers”.

thunder squad

SOZO (Thunder Squad)

Thunder Squad has existed in Taiwan since 1983. It however, a rung above SWAT, was formed in February 1993 to handle crime from both China and Hong Kong.


PLA (People's Liberation Army)

The first Special Forces squad within the Chinese military was established in the late 1980s. Recon troops in Guangzhou linked up with the squad, specializing in special projects. In the late 1990’s, Special Forces began running all 7 townships within the Chinese military.


SAT (Special Assault Team)

8 terrorist attacks targeted at enemy troops and the activists have occurred in Japan since 1972. 12 people were killed and 5,500 injured by Sarin gas released by members of the Japanese religious sect, Aum Shinrikyo in 1995.

Thus, the SAT (Special Assault Team) was formed in April 1996 to prevent history from repeating itself.


Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)

Silent, swift and concealed, the SAF Scouts treat the jungles as their home, and report on enemy movements. Enemies never know they are being watched, ever.



Natasha is the Russian army’s number one sniper. She joined the Counter-Terrorism unit to avenge the death of her best friend by the hands of the Terrorists.

choi ji-yoon

Choi Ji Yoon

Part of the intelligence bureau of the special forces, she was on a covert mission. However, another female agent spotted her as she was looking through the secret papers about the ARA and as a result, she had to flee back to her country.

To find some answers about the papers she saw, and to get her hands on the papers again, she joined the Counter-Terrorists.



Criss started off as a medic in England, but her combat skills earned her so much respect that she was dispatched to the Counter-Terrorist forces.

Everything around her is a big secret, but there are rumors that connect her to the Rex Research Institute.



May is a new intelligence agent with high combat ability. Her identity is classified, even within the organization.



Gerard is a former member of the SAS and is currently working in a PMC (Private Military Contract Company) based in the USA.

His mentor, David is currently a wanted person as he betrayed the organisation by leaking confidential documents of SAS to the Terrorist. Gerard left SAS as he was falsely accused of treason with David.

keith icahn

Keith Icahn

Icahn is born in North Europe. He is famous as a zombie hunter since he always appeared wherever zombies are and slayed them all.

He has joined the government’s rescue unit as a specialist since the Siege Type species appeared but he has only one goal; annihilate all zombies. 



He gained fame thanks to his signature Holy Bomb which contributed to many successful exorcisms while wandering around Europe as an exorcist after graduating from the college of theology in Spain.

There is a record that he was dead in Germany while he was conducting exorcism, but nobody believes that.



Alice is an American political family’s daughter who is training to be a field medic when she grows up. Though she does not belong to any faction, she hopes that the war will end one day.

In the Metal Arena game mode, she serves as a Support class.



Walter is a mercenary hired by the Aegis Institute to take down the Vanguard Contact group.

Not much is known about him but his performance is rated as one of the best.



Commander Victor is the commander of the rescue team after the zombie incident in Lost City.

He appears as one of the guiding NPCs (Non-Playable Character) in several Zombie Scenario chapters as well as the Mission feature.



She is a team leader of the Garcia fleet’s counter-terrorism after numerous major battles with terrorism happening on the Indian Ocean. 



He is a soldier of the Garcia fleet’s, just like Lucia. His ultimate goal is to sweep all the pirates off the seas.

Being reckless, he is notorious for bringing in lots of trouble due to his wacky personality.

henry stoner

Henry Stoner

He is a master craftsman who has gained years of experiences through craftsmanship in weapon manufacturing.

Since his business was continually threatened by the Terrorists, he decided to fend them off all by himself.


Dominique, of Asian descent was taken to participate in the Super Soldier project. However, he managed to escape by joining the Counter-Terrorist force.

He expressed his interest in Alin’s breakdance skill, whom he met together back in the Super Soldier Program.



A senior researcher who co-founded the Aegis Institute to fight against the zombies. She has excellent weapon capability and has a history of participating in the Dr. Rex Super Soldier Program for her PhD Research Project.


Ha Ly

Jin Se-Yeon

Jin Se-Yeon

She is responsible for the management of the security department under the Aegis Institute.

Although the institute trusts her because of her outstanding skills, no one knows about her other side, at least not yet.




She was once a promising American national diver, but decided to join the Navy SEAL after the bombing at the London Olympics.

She then became a CTU special agent. Because her target never leaves her sights, she is nicknamed the “Water Ghost”.





Isabelle was a former boxer injured by a bomb explosion during her career, forcing her to retire early.

Since then, she became vindictive and swore to serve justice against the perpetrators.

Yeong Shin

Yeong Shin (Kingdom character)

One of the survivors of Jiyulheon, who came to see the medical doctor Lee Seung Hee, and acted with the prince’s party.

He is a member of the landing army and has a pronounced shooting skill akin to a marksman.