Crafting is a multi-functional feature in Counter-Strike Online, allowing players to apply modifications to their own weapons, including performance enhancements,  painting and disassembly.


In terms of performance, weapon are enhanceable or upgraded with enhancement kits. These can be earned from rewards, events, purchased from the store or dismantling certain weapons. By enhancing a weapon, its stats are strengthened up to 8 levels, or [+8]. Weapons that can be enhanced have a Enhance icon within their selection box in the inventory, or are displayed in the Enhance tab. Currently, there are six enhanceable stats:

  • Damage (increase)
  • Accuracy (increase)
  • Recoil (decrease)
  • Weight (decrease)
  • Rate of fire (increase)
  • Ammunition count (increase)

Take note however, each weapon has its own enhancement limits and certain choices do not apply due to the weapon’s design restriction (e.g. ammunition count is not applicable to revolvers). There are 4 types of enhancement items in total:

Normal Enhancement Kit
Advanced Enhancement Kit
Premium Enhancement Kit
Enhancement Reset Toolbox

Enhances a non-premium weapon by [+1], up to [+5].

Has a chance to succeed, fail or downgrade.

Enhances a non-premium weapon by [+1], up to [+8].

Has a chance to succeed, fail or downgrade.

By collecting 30 enhanced reinforced parts from failures and downgrades, they can be exchanged for a Guaranteed Advanced Enhancement Kit, with 100% success rate.

Guaranteed Advanced Enhancement Kit

Obtained from dismantling permanent premium weapons, and only the same type is used to enhance its own at 100% success rate by [+1], up to [+6]

Magnum Drill Premium Enhancement Kits are only used to enhance Magnum Drills.

Removes all enhancements on a weapon, resetting the enhancement level to zero [0].

Does not apply to Premium weapons.


As stated above, enhancement from normal and advanced enhancement kits could succeed, fail or even downgrade, all which are totally random. Most weapons have the maximum enhancement levels of [+8], with [+6] and [+7] bearing the EXPERT title and [+8] being the MASTER title. Weapons with these titles undergo cosmetic changes, as illustrated below.

Enhance Success

Golden and Christmas-themed weapons however, are not affected by cosmetic changes, even with Expert and Master titles.


Unlike the previous Weapon Enhancement which covers most game modes, the Weapon Parts feature only applies to both Zombie Modes and Zombie Scenario.

Furthermore, a smaller selection of weapons are eligible, including certain stock weapons such as the M249 and Desert Eagle. Importantly, this allows new players to use their basic weapons to fight back against zombies, providing a level playing field with veteran or cash players without the need to own premium weapons. Installations are limited to a maximum of 2 parts per weapon.

Weapon Parts

While weapon parts are given out during events, they are also obtainable from playing on Zombie Scenario and Zombie game modes.


Pimp up your weapons with various paint designs. Just grab a paint off the Store, choose a desired weapon and hit the “Start Painting” button! Once the paint has been applied, it must be manually removed before applying another one.

Weapon paint

Also if you’re a creative artist, join Paint design contests held by different publishers (e.g. Nexon, Gamania, Tiancity) from time to time. Who knows, you might get your design featured in all Counter-Strike Online versions?


If you have one too many duplicated weapons, the disassembly feature is what you are looking for. By disassembling or recycling both permanent and time-restricted weapons, you receive weapon parts and Duration Extenders.

Duration Extenders, as the name implies extend a weapon’s duration as specified by the user (minimum 1 day). As they are stack-able, they allow most time-restricted weapons to be extended up to 1,000 days, making them permanent. An extendable weapon will have an ‘Extend’ button in the Inventory.

Duration Extender