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ZOMBIE SCENARIO  Zombie Scenario

The story begins after the zombie outbreak at the Rex Institute managed by Dr. Rex himself. New storylines have emerged as players progressed through the chapters to discover and solve the mysteries surrounding the whole scenario. Zombie Scenario remains of the most popular storyline-based game modes to date.

Up to 10 human survivors team up and complete objectives or break through barriers while battling waves of increasingly difficult AI-controlled zombies. The maximum money each player can hold is doubled from $16,000 to $32,000. Players level up their firepower and maximum health points from killing zombies and destroying barriers. As a trade-off, the respawn time slowly increases, up to 60 seconds.

Boss fight

Ultimately, all survivors will face a major boss battle. Successfully completing the whole mission grants rewards and provides a summary of the players’ performance. If the whole team is wiped out, they are given another chance to continue from where they off. Should they fail again, the game ends in a failure.

Zombie Scenario Result


Human Scenario

Human Scenario depicts an ongoing battle between players and a huge group of computer-controlled human soldiers from the Vanguard organization.

There are three scenarios players have to survive, by annihilating a number of soldiers within the given time frame, surviving until the timer runs out, or reaching a targeted area or checkpoint.


The gameplay mechanic is very similar to Zombie Scenario, with a few notable changes.

Players level up by killing enemy soldiers, which increases their maximum health points, firepower and the airstrikes’ effectiveness. The airstrike is a unique feature available to each player. When used, missiles are shortly called from the sky, homing on enemies within the range. Higher level airstrikes provide better cover by launching more missiles on every call.


Health regeneration is also introduced, which gradually recovers lost health points when the user takes cover from incoming fire.

Ultimately, the survivors have to battle a heavily-armored military vehicle in order to win the game.

Human Scenario Boss


Zombie Files

Z-Files, or Zombie Files is a single-player time-attack survival mode which takes place in several locations throughout an unknown city. Players take over the role of Senior Researcher Soi, who used to work at the Rex Institute along with Dr. Rex before the zombie outbreak. Her task is to explore and discover top-secret documents that have been hidden from the government all the while, as well as parties responsible for pulling the strings.

The game focuses more on the horror theme by introducing several key survival elements such as locating clues, limited stamina, and Quick Time Events (QTE).

CluesQuick Time Event Safe Space Third Report

While up to 10 players are able to join a room, it is a race against time to see who’s the fastest to complete.


Playroom Tooltip 2 Playroom Tooltip 1

Hideout, alternatively known as the Play Room serves as a terminal for players to test drive their own weapons that are in their inventory.

The shooting range is divided into several lanes. Each lane has a dedicated interface for a player to spawn or generates a non-hostile zombie for target practice, and its behaviors are customizable (type of zombie, movements, invulnerability, etc…).

There’s also a secondary terminal made for weapons to be tested on zombie bosses.

Zombie Setting

The next room is the Decoder room, allowing players to use their decoders and check out featured weapons. If a player manages to win any weapons featured, others are allowed to test them, especially those who don’t have them yet.

Featured Items

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