This is the first screen whenever the game opens. Check out the latest notices and active events that are taking place, along with their progresses.

Active Events

Claim rewards for logging in daily. You can only do this once a day, and by logging in consecutively, receive additional ones up to 4 times until the next reset.

Rewards change from time to time, so don’t miss out. For example, by missing out on the second (2nd) day of attendance when the server resets at 12:00am local time, the third (3rd) day prize will become claimable.

Daily Rewards

Over here, everything is directly accessible. Join a game, chat with other players in the lobby, join any active events, manage friends list, and so forth.

Looking for an old-style game lobby? Simply click on ‘Game Lobby’ and enjoy the nostalgia. With the traditional setting, feel free to scroll through the room list and filter them by room names, game modes, number of players, and so forth.


Check out your profile overview such as KAD ratio, total points accumulated and mannerism level. 

The mannerism level determines how a player is perceived by others based on a (hidden) rating system. A poorly-mannered player might not be able to join rooms restricted to only higher-rated ones.

Profile summary

In addition, a VIP membership symbolizes the amount of cash a player has spent on the game.

A VIP status is updated on a monthly basis, which ranks up if player continuously spends, and ranks down if the opposite happens.

Benefits of a VIP include access to a variety of contents including weapons which remain usable as long as the membership is maintained.


Buy weapons, classes, decoders and enhancement items with either in-game points or cash, or gift them to other players with the gifting option.

If you have coupon boxes or codes from events, enter them here. 


Remember the VIP status from the Profile Summary tab? The full benefits are available when you click on the Details button located beside the Points balance. The higher the level, the better the benefits or payback. 

As mentioned earlier, spending cash is required to maintain your rank which updates every month!

VIP Membership


All possessions are stored here. Sort them according to weapons, class, ratings and so forth. Your amount of wealth is also displayed.

Player Inventory

Feel free to edit your buy menu and character selection order, along with the quick slots (up to 3) through the F1, F2 and F3 keys respectively.


Are your weapons not strong enough? Time to enhance their performance! Enhancement kits are required, which are earned from events or bought in store.

Enhance Weapon

Besides that, weapons are paintable and can be disassembled for crafting components. To learn more about Crafting, click here!



Looking for some challenge? Complete missions to earn rewards. There are daily, weekly and Special missions. 

The Special Mission only appears once a day and is more challenging than the rest, but has a better quality reward.

Daily Missions

Missions are reset at 12am daily server time, whether they are completed or not. For the Special Mission, the challenge assigned each time is random. 

By completing one-time missions, or Honor Missions, they give out Honor Titles which are used as bragging rights. Only one can be active at a time and it appears beside the username. 

Honor Missions

In addition, owning more Honor Titles increases the Honor Points.


Just like joining gangs, families allow players to complete missions, share weapons with one another, post announcements, and earn additional experience and game points. 


Being in a family also unlocks additional family-exclusive medals and titles.

family page

Through family management, a leader has the authority to appoint both seniors and leader-to-be.


Discover your profile in detail right here. Find out interesting statistics such as the total amount of damage dealt with melee weapons, or how many zombie kills were made since your account was created.



Uses the basic Counter-Strike 1.6 options, with advanced functionalities including linking Facebook account for live broadcasting along with configuring skill sets for Zombie Mode. 

Basic Setting Advanced Setting


The standard in-game layout (Heads Up Display). While certain elements change by playing different game modes, the rest remains the game.

Based on the image below, the team scores are aligned according to the color (Blue = Counter-Terrorists, Red = Terrorists), and the objective locations (bomb defusal in this case) are marked in meters.

Ingame UI