Unboxing in Counter-Strike Online, or more popularly known as decoding is a microtransactional feature, giving players the chance to win mainly exclusive weapons and classes not purchasable in the Shop. 

Since its debut in 2009, the decoders have gone through major revisions by including new contents over time. To date, there are 6 types of decoders, with each one varying in price, contents and the probability.

By using a decoder, a player is provided some mileage points which can be accumulated, and spent on the Mileage Auction feature. Mileage points do not expire unless they are used up.


Decoders can be bought from the Store, earned through events, received from leveling up as well as receiving them through the in-game gifting system.

The interface is brought up by clicking on the DECODER button at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Decoder Interface

By clicking on each decoder type, the list of exclusive items are displayed on a grid. Players can learn more by mousing over an item, and right-clicking on it to view its description. If that is not enough, there’s also the PREVIEW button to see how it works in the form of a short demonstration video.

Using a decoder gives a random item, along with a small amount of Mileage Points. If one is lucky, he or she will win any permanent exclusive on the grid which is shown. Generally decoders with popular and powerful items tend to cost more. Most, if not all publishers are required to reveal the probability of every type of decoder on their website as references for players to understand the risks.

The only exception is the UNLIMITED decoder which guarantees a permanent item, but is also the most expensive type, usually costing several dollars each.

Decoder Results


As the name implies, the mileage auction is a marketplace for players to search, purchase items from other players and auction theirs at their own prices. While this feature is seasonal, the auction is accessible 24/7 until the next update schedule comes along.

Since it’s a free market, players are free to set prices as they wish. It is totally normal to see popular weapons being listed at sky high prices, because of their in-game performance, as well as their rarity. Items that are no longer available to purchase or have been discontinued might also be listed at a premium.

Success Bid

By partaking in an auction, the standard rules apply:

  • The first bid placed on an item includes the 30% fee (e.g. 300 mileage fee for 1,000 mileage bid).
  • Only one item allowed per bid. A bid cannot be canceled until it has been outbid by another bidder.
  • Buyout immediately ends the auction and the item is rewarded to that buyer.
  • An auctioneer/ seller can sell up to 5 items at a time.
  • Once an item is successfully auctioned off or purchased by another buyer, the auctioneer/ seller receives the net price after deducting the 30% fee.

Auction Success

All prices are displayed in Mileage Points.